Wedding Magician in Wetherby

Whilst I was in Germany recently I received a last minute wedding magician enquiry from somebody who had been recommended by their venue: Wood Hall Hotel & Spa in Wetherby, Yorkshire.

The great thing about being a self-employed professional magician is that I can administer my business from any location, as long as I’m back in plenty of time before my professional magician performances, and with the EU roaming charges just being abolished recently I can receive and make calls at no extra cost to you or me to discuss your wedding magician enquiry details: So I no longer have to warn people as soon as I answer the phone that I’m in another country and they might need to re-mortgage their house to continue the call! (Which is very helpful when you have a girlfriend who lives in Germany!)

Wedding Magician in Wetherby… on a Friday?!

Fortunately, as mentioned in previous posts, I was flying back to Leeds on Thursday night and available for a Friday afternoon wedding. Friday’s aren’t too common for wedding magician bookings so luckily I was still available and happy to get everything quickly and easily booked in whilst I was away.

It’s nice to know I’m the recommended wedding magician in Wetherby at such a beautiful venue, which is honestly one of my favourite’s to perform at in and around Leeds – the team of staff are very helpful, friendly and professional and really know how to co-ordinate the perfect wedding day… and the venue itself is beautiful with a great outdoor area that’s perfect for your guests to mingle during your photographs and afternoon wedding reception.

Entertainment During Wedding Photographs

So, this is the time I was hired to mix and mingle with my wedding magic for Rosie & Dave’s wedding! The weather was a bit chaotic, on setting off from home in Leeds it was raining, but when I arrived in Wetherby it was beautiful sunshine and after a few minutes we were suddenly thrown into a rain storm and everybody ran inside, but after a short while the sun was back out and they could finish their wedding photographs outdoors.

Fortunately there’s a nice bar area for the guests to mingle which makes the perfect environment for me to work my wedding magic in small groups at a time!

It was such a pleasure to entertain everyone, who were all very friendly and fun to perform for and especially the beautiful couple themselves, who I treated to a few special, personalised bits of magic. Including a little surprise trick they didn’t expect!

Hopefully I’ll get some photographs through from their wedding photographer: Black Hill Photography, once he’s had time to process them!

But I’ve already had a lovely review on my Leeds Magician Facebook page from the bride, Rosie: