Wedding Magician in North Yorkshire

For a couple of years in a row retired professional footballer Keith Hanvey hired me to be the table magician for his fantastic charity banquet events at Elland Road – Leeds United Football Club, where I was challenged by a lovely Yorkshire chap, Gary Wagstaff, who was a bit skeptical when I introduced myself as a magician to their table…

To be honest, I’d probably be a bit skeptical too if I saw some dude with dreadlocks and a suit approach me when I was only expecting my food to arrive… But hey, if the food isn’t ready why not enjoy a bit of magic to keep you busy?

Within a couple of minutes I had him involved, having a laugh and had completely blown his mind with some table magic using borrowed money, playing card and my business cards. That clearly left a lasting impression as a year or two later he hired me to be the wedding magician in North Yorkshire for the full day at his daughter’s absolutely stunning wedding at their lovely home in Malton.

Summer Wedding Magician in Malton, North Yorkshire

This summer has been very hit and miss, but wow! What a beautifully sunny day this Saturday was, couldn’t have been more perfect for outdoor Bank Holiday wedding magic!

There were 120 guests so Gary had hired me for 3 hours of wedding magic initially to entertain in between meal courses and keep things entertaining during the afternoon reception before the band in the evening. But the guests were loving being treated to interactive magic and the atomsphere was lovely and relaxed with guests interested in my story of how I got into magic and asking to learn some tricks too.

We were having such a good time and enjoying the sunshine outside (I know I certainly was!) so Gary said I could stay longer and just keep mingling so more people had chance to see some wedding magic in North Yorkshire’s countryside sun!

So a huge congratulations to Katie & Ben – the Bride & Groom – of course I treated them to some special personalised bits of wedding magic throughout the day with playing cards, one of Ben’s own coins and a photograph of them both! It’s always important to me to make sure the guests as well as the people who’s party it is are both thoroughly entertained 😀

Hopefully I’ll get some official wedding magic photographs through from the magician savvy photographers in a month or so and will share them here on the blog.

If you’re interested in hiring a wedding magician in North Yorkshire or elsewhere, please get in touch!